Applemed Difference


Applemed is the culmination of two wellness clinics, who understood that greater care could be accomplished by joining forces. InsideOut Wellness opened forty years ago; while Vaughan Natural Care Clinic was opened in 2009 by Naturopathic Doctor Michael Carozza. Both clinics have evolved with time, understanding patients’ needs, and a common goal has been consistent throughout the years: Our patients’ care is our highest priority, and our objective is for them to receive expert care with customized solutions, tailored to the uniqueness of one’s mind, body and spirit.


To treat our patients as one would treat thyself; to take a results-driven approach to patient care, from the best practitioners, with the most effective wellness solutions aimed at optimum health and vitality.

Applemed Difference

Applemed has scouted the best of the best practitioners who are passionate about their craft, and who strive to make a difference in people’s lives. Wellness comes in layers, and each layer must be accounted for in order to achieve optimal health. Between our two locations, selectively positioned to serve the great community of Vaughan, applemed provides a comprehensive range of solutions, including functional medicine and holistic nutrition not otherwise offered by general practitioners, allowing us to tailor them to the individual needs of all our patients.

Applemed is an evidence-based clinic that cares deeply about our patients. We aim to dig beneath the superficial issues to get to the root cause of a patient’s ailments. We intend to provide an environment of trust, where concerns can be discussed, healthier options can be explored in accordance with the patient’s understanding, and well-being can be restored.

Why do patients visit applemed rather than their General Practitioner or a hospital?

The general practitioner is pivotal in getting a patient’s health assessed and properly diagnosed; however, applemed’s services, such as nutrition, are aspects a general practitioner does not specialize in. Moreover, many patients that visit a hospital do not require a hospital’s services, and spend far too long waiting to be seen, when they could be treated in a timelier and more effective manner at applemed.

Why is applemed more effective than other private clinics?

Applemed welcomes collaboration between our practitioners and their specialties, which enables the most potent treatment for our patients. The various areas of expertise amongst our practitioners allows us to hone in on a wide range of illnesses and determine solutions based on lifestyle medicine, herbal protocols or functional medicine.

How does applemed treat patients differently?

Stress, toxins and other lifestyle factors create barriers that limit optimal health and deteriorate well-being. We aim to relieve our patients by taking our time, listening attentively and guiding through positivity. We analyze each patient’s systems from every angle to provide the correct permanent results as opposed to simply offering quick band-aid solutions.

How do patients seem when they leave applemed?

We always want our patients to leave happy! We appreciate knowing that our patients leave our clinic feeling better than when they arrived, whether it’s actually physically feeling better, or simply their optimism in knowing a true solution will be provided. By listening to our patients’ concerns and treating the core problems instead of the symptoms, we can increase their well-being much more quickly and more effectively.